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Dawnsky pads in at Dawn into the Apprentices den. She goes over to Cedarpaw, "Hey Cedarpaw wake up."

Cedarpaw yawns and stretches before padding over to Dawnsky. "Hello Dawnsky" He greets.

"Sorry to wake you up early, but the early cat gets the prey!" she said. "Now get some breakfeast. i've already eaten a few hours ago"

Cedarpaw nodded before padding over to the fresh kill pile and selecting a vole eating in a few gulps before licking his lips. "Okay we can go" he says padding over to his mentor.

She smiles as they pad to the hollow. "Now go out in the middle there"

Cedarpaw nodded padding over to the middle of the training hollow.

Dawnsky tackled him

At first Cedarpaw was caught by surprise by the surprise tackle from his mentor but using instincts to react quickly he wriggled out from under her and attacked her from behind with his claws sheathed so not to hurt her.

She dodged jumping up and flipped onto him again

Moving out from under her again he tried a different approach attacking her from the side knocking her down and pinning her.

She brought her leg up flipping him away

He was knocked off his feet for a moment but got right back up and attacked her from the other side

She kicked him away and disappeared through the trees.

Cedarpaw got up to his feet and chased after his mentor

She hid up in a tree undetected watching him.

Cedarpaw opened his mouth looking for Dawnsky's scent for a moment before finding it above him. Getting an idea he left the tree moving on forward like he couldn't find her before sneaking around the back side of the tree climbing it catching his mentor by surprise.

She smiled sensing him, "Good Cedarpaw but remember where you are." she put her foot down and his branch broke. She caught him before he fell.

"Thanks..." Cedarpaw replied as he looked down at what would've been a long fall

She hopped down he tree and put him down. "Good job for your first try. Especially without any training"

"Thanks" Cedarpaw replied.

Dawnsky nodded, "Now I'll teach you some moves" she smiled, "Moves only I and our leader know"

"Okay" Cedarpaw says eager to learn

She stands back then gets on her hid legs and flips into the air landing on a boulder.

"Wow cool move" Cedarpaw replied as he watched

"It might take a few tries but go ahead and try" she said turning towards him.

Cedarpaw nodded. His first attempt to try the new move failed but his second attempt was slightly better and by the third attempt he was able to do the move smoothly and successfully.
Cedarpaw Assignment 3/5 Battle Training with Dawnsky.

This was based on an rp I was doing with :iconcherryheart108: of Dawnsky teaching Cedarpaw battle training along with a special new move that very few cats in the clan know about.
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Cherry-Forever Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah just to put in is because foileyes was her mentor cause other might be like confused...:iconhurrhurrplz:
FaPingMulan Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
Cherry-Forever Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
so next. This is something foileyes did for Dawnsky when she was an aprpetnice and make sure you give him credit. Make sure that these things I teach you are only known to Cedarpaw and his apprentice and their apprentice ect ect. Tell me how you think you would hunt for each of these dont actually do it though.
Small bird
Large bird
FaPingMulan Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
Okay :3
Cherry-Forever Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
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