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January 11, 2011
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"Cedarpaw, for final assignment I want you to go and track down something mysterious but don't catch it. Just report it back to me." Dawnsky told Cedarpaw.

Cedarpaw nodded. He was so excited. Not only was he an impressive hunter but he would soon get to eagerly await his warrior ceremony like his brother Creekpaw.

"I won't fail you Dawnsky" He said as he padded out to the camp adding to himself in a barely audible tone. "Just wait till I finish this task then I'll get to go and brag to Creekpaw and Echopaw" He grinned just thinking about it.

As he walked on thinking about how great it would be bragging to his older brother and younger sister he didn't see the tree and walked directly into it. "Ouch!" He hissed rubbing his now sore nose. Quickly he looked all around.

'Man I really hope no one saw that....' He thought to himself as he got back up on his feet and quickly padded away continuing on with his task.

On and on he went looking for anything out of the ordinary but he couldn't find anything at all.

'Oh man...just my luck Dawnsky finally gives me my final assignment and what happens I fail that's what! I'm never gonna find anything mysterious out here! I might as well turn right back around and go back to-' he thought to himself stopping immediately as a strange smell caught his nose. It was a smell like he had never smelt before.

Curious he continued on towards the smell. What he found was a strange wrapping paper covered with a weird yellow substance.

He sniffed it cautiously before testingly licking it. It didn't taste poisonus but it didn't taste good either.

"Hello there!"

He nearly jumped out of his fur when he heard a female voice address him.

"I said hello" She repeated impatiently for his reply.

"Uh hi..." He says not sure how to respond. Part of him wanted to give the she cat a good scratch for startling him and for trespassing on Cloudclan land but the other part of him couldn't help but stare into the she cat's beautiful blue eyes.

Her fur was mainly all white except for chin and face which were shades of brown.

"My name is Willow what's your?"

"Uh...Cedar..heart..Cedarheart" He replied.

"Cedarheart huh? Strange name" Willow replied

"I could say the same for you Willow" Cedarpaw replied grumpily feeling insulted.

"Hey! I'll have you know I was named after my mother thank you very much!" She hissed back also feeling insulted.

Cedarpaw sighed he could almost her his mother lecturing him on how to behave to a she cat right now. "Look...I...I'm sorry alright..." He replied

Willow stared at him for a moment giving him a good sniff. "You smell different...where's your collar? Did you lose it?" She asks looking at his bare neck.

For the first time Cedarpaw noticed the pink collar around Willow's neck and scrunched up his face in disgust. "No I'm a warrior not some...kittypet!"

"I am not a kittypet! I am a well loved house cat!" She hissed raising her claws to slash him.

Cedarpaw immediately put up his paws to defend himself his lips drawn back in a snarl before pouncing her down.

She growled and attempted to fight back but her moves were slow and unorganized making it an easy win for the clan cat.

Cedarpaw bit down on her neck his teeth getting caught in the collar. She hissed patting him in the face with her paws before finally kicking him off which caused the collar to break off her neck and fall lose from Cedarpaw's teeth.

"My collar!" Willow yowled running over to it.

"What's the big deal? It's just a dumb collar!" Cedarpaw replied.

"That collar was the last thing I had to remember my family by before they..." She stopped picking the collar up sadly hanging her head.

"They what?! Left you?!" Cedarpaw replied back.

His answer came as she turned to look at him she was glaring or trying to but instead she looked completely sad and her eyes were filling with tears.

Looking into her eyes Cedarpaw slowly began to feel his anger slowly drain away and began to pity the lost she cat.

"I'm sorry I didn't know..." Was the only reply he could muster up.

"I had a little girl...her name was Molly. Every day we would get up early and go play running through the grass or sitting on the porch together while she would hold and pet me talking to me for hours on end....then one day I was waiting for her in front of the window for her to come home from school. I waited...and I waited but she never came....When her parents came home they were sad and crying though I didn't know why.....I tried to ask them what was wrong and where Molly was but they couldn't understand me...they wouldn't even look at me...the next day Molly still didn't come home and her parents were still very sad....I waited and waited for days for her to come home but the more I waited the more I began to realize that Molly was never coming home....Then one day lots of strange people I had never met came to the house and they were all sad and crying about something..I'm sure it was about Molly....Molly's mom looked at me picked me up petted me and told me how I had always been her daughter's best friend and that there was no one she loved more than me. She hugged me put me in my crate and got into the car and drove far far away from the house and left me out here all alone...." Willow said her voice cracking and hanging her head.

All his life Cedarpaw had been told about how humans were weird and cruel among other bad things but hearing this story about Molly made him wonder maybe they weren't all that bad and yet...

"I know a place you can stay....temporairly...." He said leading her to the Rushing Falls, the secret spot Dawnsky had shown him. "I will come back soon I promise" He said.

He didn't know why but he never told anyone not even his brother or sister about Willow. He reported his weird food finding to Dawnsky but after that remained silent. All he could think about was what Willow had told him. Such a terrible story. He wanted to help her. No one would know about her hiding in Cloudclan territory but him until he was ready to tell them. He would hide her scent and tracks and bring her food he vowed.
Okay the title sucks I know lol XD

Anyway in this story Cedarpaw has met a new friend that he is secretly hiding out in the Cloudclan territory.

Her name is Willow. She may be a new character of mine now lol.

Cedarpaw referred himself to Cedarheart because that is what I plan for his warrior name to be lol.

P.S. here is what Willow looks like
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Cherry-Forever Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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Cedarpaw: Just promise you won't tell anyone else okay?
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