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January 1, 2011
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Hunting takes different skills and each different skill depends on whatever it is that you are hunting.

Hunting Mice is probably one of the most simple of them all. Number one make sure you make no noise so not to alert the mouse you're coming. Number two don't let the mouse see your shadow. If a mouse were not to hear you but see your dark and large shadow looming over it, the mouse will run and hide. If you're lucky you could catch it but most likely you won't be able too. Number 3 get as close as you can to the mouse remaining unseen and unheard and then pounce killing it with a swift bite to the neck.

Hunting Beetles isn't exactly common for Cloudclan cats except if most of the prey is gone like during leafbare or if you're a kit practicing hunting skills before your apprenticeship. To catch and kill one isn't entirely difficult probably even the most easiest thing to catch. All it really takes is coming up behind it and either stepping on it with your paw or nibbling it quickly with your teeth. Make sure you don't let it escape though.

Hunting Squirrels can prove to be a bit difficult to those unexperienced considering the fact that they are very easily spooked and can run very fast up the nearest tree out of your reach before you could even catch it. To catch a squirrel one must always remember to remain silent unseen unheard and most importantly remaining downhill of the squirrel so it cannot catch your scent. Another thing to remember is that you must be very quick when creeping up pouncing and killing it with a swift bite to the neck.

Hunting Fish is a skill that takes a long time to learn and the cats of Riverclan are famous for their skill of hunting fish. There are several things to remember when hunting fish first thing is that you must remain as close to the shallows as possible you wouldn't want to splash around alerting the fish you're there or drown trying to catch one after all. Next thing to remember is hunting fish takes a great deal of patience. You would be standing in the water remaining completely still for the longest time as you wait for a fish to come close enough to you. Third thing to remember is try not to let your shadow loom over the water. If the fish see it they won't come near you at all. Fourth and final thing is when catching the fish you can do it two ways. First and easier of the two is scooping the fish out of the water and on land with your claws. Once it's on land pin it down and kill it with a swift bite. The other way and more difficult of the two is dipping your head in the water and catching the fish with your teeth.

Hunting small birds is not too difficult of a task and the technique is closely the same to when sneaking up on a squirrel the only differences are that birds can fly so you must make sure to pounce it down before it can take flight and of course before it can make a noise if it does make a noise it will alert all the prey within the area you're around and there will be no more hunting time for you since all the prey would've gone into hiding.

When hunting moles one of the most important things to remember is that moles are blind in the daylight making their hearing and sense of smell incredible. Make sure it does not smell or hear you when it emerges from it's hole or else it will go right back in and you will not be able to catch it. Remember to watch out for it's incredibly sharp teeth and long sharp claws when killing your prey too.

Hunting foxes is incredibly dangerous especially for the inexperienced. Best tactics include attacking from above such as from a large tree branch this will catch the large creature by surprise and ensure you are not near it's teeth. Make sure when pouncing on the fox that you are not knocked off it's back or near it's fangs this could mean certain death. Kill with a bite to the neck.

Snake hunting is incredibly dangerous and cats really shouldn't eat them since they are not good for them. Best thing to do is attack from behind them be quick and knock off it's head. Try not to get distracted or be bitten.

Raccoons aren't known for being in Cloudclan territory. They are dangerous unpredictable and nocturnal mostly sticking close to the trees. Be silent, stealthy, and quick using all defensive moves necessary.

Badgers are large unpredictable and incredibly dangerous. Watch out for their claws they are deadly. Attack from behind or the sides are the badger has less chance of seeing you there. Be extremely quick. Jump on the back and bite the neck.

Deer are extremely large, easily spooked, and dangerous. Remember be quick and stealthy and hide in the under growth where you cannot be seen. Stay downwind to avoid being smelt. Trap the deer in an enclosed unescapable area. Go for the neck and legs watch out for the antlers though and try not to get kicked.

Moose tactic is pretty much the same as the deer but it will take much more cats to bring a moose down and they are much larger than a deer making them far more dangerous.

Killing a bear is extremely difficult considering their large size, teeth, and claws. Best tactic is remain as high up as possible such as attacking on the back but make sure you aren't knocked off.

Humans. I'm not sure why one would hunt a human but humans are the most unpredictable creatures of all. No one is exactly sure just what they are capable of. Best tactic would probably be to remain in the dark since their eye sight is very poor.
Another Cedarpaw assignment (4 out of 5) given by :iconcherryheart108: who got the idea from :iconfoileyes:
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eyoung1997 Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh that's a cool idea!!! And now Cedarpaw's even closer to being a warrior :D
thanks I got it from :iconcherryheart108: who got it from :iconfoileyes: Lol
eyoung1997 Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol I see XD
Cherry-Forever Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Good good, as humans i say the same foil said. If you WERE to try you would first kill an adder, be careful not to lick you paws becuase you must get poison on your claws then probably scratch them somewhere. Good all around!
Good points :3
Cherry-Forever Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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